Product SKU: 20-VB900-ESISEIN

Calf box for 0-2 weeks

Delivery time 1-3 weeks
Amount without VAT: 381,90 €
381,90 €
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Dimensions 900 x 1200 mm
Height 1300 mm
Area 1,08 m2

  • The calf box has a strong hot-dip galvanized metal construction.
  • The sides of the box are surrounded by 1300 mm high waterproof plywood to prevent physical contact between the calves during the development of the immune system.
  • The front of the box has an open design so that the calves can see each other.
  • The bottom of the box is a deep-impregnated wooden grate that is easy to clean and non-slippery.
  • Metal bucket rings for two buckets (included) are attached to the box.