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Product SKU: 1839

BIGCHO 2 - 80 W

Current Stock Level: 1 piece
Amount without VAT: 350,31 €
350,31 €
Non-spill frot-free stainless steel drinker with float-valve, to mount on stand

Frost-free non-spill drinker with constant water level to be mounted on a stand.
Stainless steel bowl and cover.
Metal anti-spillage edge.
Double skin H.D.P.E. base, insulated by polyurethane foam.
Electric frost protection system 80W/24V >> efficience > -20 °C (-4°F) suitable for northern countries.
Easy installation: 6 mounting positions. Largely proportioned 5,5 litre bowl (L. 275 x l. 200 x prof. 100 mm) for installation between 2 pens.

To be mounted on polyethylene or concrete stand (int-Ø 300 mm - 11,8”).
S. s. threaded drain plug, s. s. ½” braided hose and drain hose are included.

Length: 38 cm
Width: 38 cm
Height: 20 cm
Color: green


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