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Product SKU: 38400005

Feeding trough galvanized steel with hopper 25 L for 17 hens

Current Stock Level: 1 piece
Amount without VAT: 67,03 €
67,03 €

This hopper feeder is ideal for poultry farming! It has an anti-waste spill as well as a rain protection thanks to its awning. Its capacity of 25 liters allows it to feed up to 17 hens. This hopper is galvanized steel, so it resists rust and time. You can put your hopper on the ground or hang it on a support from behind. 

Product Detail: 
Capacity: 25 liters
For 17 hens
Length if square : 50 cm
Height : 59 cm
Capacity : 25 L
Width : 32 cm