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Product SKU: 38530300008


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145,00 €
Power supply 220V or 12V. Made in Italy. 2 years warranty /
Capacity: 8 eggs (hens, geese, turkeys) or 32 small eggs (quail, partridge).
Max. power 50W.
Automatic turning. Digital temperature. Outdoor filling.

LUMIA 8: A small, technologically advanced, high performance machine. Its elegant design with “smart” technology makes this machine smart and easy to use and one of the best in its class.

LUMIA 8 stems from a desire to make the miracle of life available to all. It includes the highest professional incubation technology aimed at those with a limited number of eggs. The same technology that BOROTTO uses in larger models that can reach a higher level of accuracy and reliability.

LUMIA 8 is designed and built to better meet farmyard poultry and valuable species breeding requirements. Thanks to the use of innovative materials and a functional and ergonomic design, LUMIA 8 is an indispensable instrument that is easy to use, both for the professional breeder and for all new breeding enthusiasts who want to try breeding farmyard animals for the first time, with expectations of a good result.

Dimensions : 39 x 22 x 20 cm.