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Product SKU: 935 27

Tube sauna Cristallo, 200×270

Delivery time 8-12 weeks
Amount without VAT: 3583,00 €
3583,00 €

Shell 45 mm
Partitions 28 mm
The length of the stage is 1900 mm
Terrace 680 mm
Diameter 2050 mm
Length 2701 mm
Windows 600 x 400 x 4 mm x1 pc
Front door 1590 x 630 mm
Harvia M2 heater (heater stones not included)
Modular chimneys
Water tank 30 L
Heater heat barriers
Treated outside with Teknos Woodex Wood oil, inside with Teknos sauna oil.
Roof black / brown
50 mm drainage hole in the sauna room/terrace
Air vents x 3 pcs
Front door lockable
Weight 700 kg