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Product SKU: 150050

CalfOTel XL-5 with 4-part fence with lock system

Delivery time 3-6 weeks
Amount without VAT: 1996,95 €
1996,95 €
In practice, calves often regress after relocation from calf boxes to group housing in the cowshed. This makes the CalfOTel® XL-5 the best follow-up stage after the single-calf units. If calves are reared outside in this system (after their stay in single-calf units) until they are three months old, you can avoid these acclimatization problems and ensure your calves have a healthy start on relocating to the cowshed.

Box with threshold, four-part fencing, five bucket rings, and lifting eyes.

Suitable for housing 5 calves.

Galvanized fencing.
Made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester, guaranteeing a long service life and relatively cool temperature in summer.
Excellent ventilation thanks to vents in the roof.
Fitted with lifting eyes as standard, ensuring easy relocation.
Fencing features a fastening system.
The smooth inner layer prevents bacterial growth and is easy to clean.
Fencing can be easily detached from the box.
The removeable feed fence means calves can be easily locked into the box.
Excellent access to the pen by means of a gate integrated in the side fence.
The system offers an ideal capacity for groups of similarly aged calves to exit and re-enter the pens
The system offers the best possible visibility of the calves.

External dimensions: (L x W x H)
Box: 260 x 225 x 180 cm
Fencing: 225 x 225 x 105 cm