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Product SKU: 185077503

FINK - Qualiton SO Milking machine cleaner acidic - liquid 25 kg

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33,80 €
  • Dissolves lime and milk stone, fat and protein contamination
  • Dissolves iron oxides
  • Removes pyruvate
  • Very good wetting capacity
  • Ecologically harmless

Product description:

Qualiton SO is a milking machine cleaner based on inorganic acids, surfactants as wetting agent, corrosion inhibitor for cleaning and descaling pipe milking systems, milking parlors and milk collection containers at temperatures from 40 to 50 °C. Cleaning with Qualiton SO reduces the pollution of the environment.

  • State of aggregation Bright, colorless liquid
  • Density 1,20 – 1,23 g/cm³
  • pH-value [solution of 1% at 20 °C] 1,4 – 1,8
  • M-value [0,1 N NaOH/10 ml, solution of 1%.] 5,3 – 5,7 ml


inorganic acids, nonionic surfactants, corrosion inhibitor

Composition and effect:

Qualiton SO converts lime and milk stone into water soluble compounds, fats and protein are emulsified and / or hydrolyzed. The remove of dirt is supported by a strong wetting effect of the non foaming surfactants used in Qualiton SO.


The correct application mode depends on automatic cleaning system built-in the milking machine. The following parameter should be followed:

  • rinse with water (apmx.30 °C) directly after milking
  • concentration 0,5 % (50 ml / 10 Liter)
  • temperature 30 to 60 °C (in return flow)
  • contact time 10 – 20 minutes (circulation)
  • rinse again portable water

Use Qualiton SO alternately with Qualiton A to prevent the build up of scale.


Store Qualiton SO not below -15°C.

Ecological estimation:

Qualiton SO corresponds with the rules of the Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelgesetzes. All organic components are biodegradable.