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Product SKU: ANI3120180

ANIMATTRESS 3 (1200 x 1800 mm, Thickness: 32 mm)

Current Stock Level: 111 piece
Amount without VAT: 71,00 €
71,00 €

The Animattress III stall bed is a revolutionary mattress for your stalls.  It was designed for tie stall barns specifically but can be used in free stall barns as well.  It is so easy to install, you can do it yourself!

Use: Free or tie stall.  

Compatibility: Fits most stalls worldwide.

Composition: 100% recycled rubber exclusively designed.

Surface: Non-slip surface

Underside: Rubber cones.

Length: 1800 mm (1600 mm)

Width: 1200 mm ( 1150 mm)

Thickness: 32 mm

 kummimatt animattress III DLG