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Product SKU: 1CHMC30

White Square chimney KIT 840 x 840 mm (30")

Delivery time 4-6 weeks
Amount without VAT: 882,62 €
882,62 €
1. Chimney 762x762 (inner dimension)
2. Chimney roof
3. Bird netting and its attachments
4. Damper

Natural ventilation through the chimney
Chimneys provide better air extraction to a closed table. Regardless of whether it is natural or forced ventilation, both the fresh air intake and the air outlet must be open for air to circulate. The ventilation chimney is placed in the warmest part of the barn so that there are no animal positions directly under it. In order to prevent the outgoing air from cooling in the chimney, the chimneys are insulated and, if necessary, it is possible to order a valve mechanism for regulating the air flow.

Secco ventilation system products are made of durable UV-resistant H.D.P.E plastic. All polyethylene products have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.